squence of Service


A. Welcoming the Guest
– Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen how are you today?
– How many persons with you?
– Do you have any reservation before?
– Where would you like to have a seat? We have table near the door, window, bar, in the corner and in the middle.
– Could you follow me please?
B. Seating the quest
– Ok ladies and gentleman this is your table (showing the table) have a seat please (help the guest to pull out the chair)
C. Pouring ice water
– Pouring ice water to the water goblet, standing with the proper postion with service cloth on your left hand.
D. Introducing
– Introducing your self and your assistant by standing beside the table and make sure all the guests can see and hear you.
– Example of Restaurant Introduction Speech :
• Good evening ladies & gentlemen
• Welcome to our restaurant
• My name is Wayan, I come from Bali, Indonesia
• I will be your waiter on entire cruise
• This is my assistant, his name is Made, he is also from Bali
• We will be a responsible to offer you the best dining service for the entire cruise
• It is also my pleasure to provide wine service as you wish every night
• If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call either one of us or your head waiter (Show him to your passangers) Mr. Marco
• Ok ladies and gentlemen, I look forward to serving you, and I hope this will be a wonderful, memorable experience for you
• Thank you and Boun Appetito

E. Presenting Menu or Drink list
– Presenting menu from the right side, ladies first and clock wise by using words excuse me sir/madam this is your menu, please take your time, I will be back soon.
F. Taking the Order
– Excuse sir/madam are you ready to order now? What would you like for your appetizer/starter/soup/salad/main course and dessert? (My I suggest you a bottle of wine/red or white wine for your meals)
G. Repeating the Order
– My I repeat your order please?
Shrimp cocktail for your appetizer
Gaspacho for your soup
Mixed green with Italian dressing for your salad
Tenderloin steak medium for you maincourse and
Vanila ice cream for you dessert
There is any things else sir/madam
Ini dilakukan untuk lebih memastikan lagi apa yang dipesan oleh tamu sudah benar
Excuse me ladies and gentleman’s, how is your bill, on separate of one bill together.
Thanks you, Give the code A, B and C in the back side of the food have been orderer for the separate bill.
H. Adjusting cover
– Adjusting cover is to adjust the cutleries as per guest order.
1. Suggest the passengers to order a bottle of red or rose wine whenever they are order red meat “Beef”, Lamb or pork for the main course.
2. Suggest the passengers to oreder a bottle of white or rose wine whenever order white mean “sea food, poultry, pasta of vegetable for the main course.
3. Suggest the passengers to order a bottle of champagne/sparking wine whenever they are celebrating wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas Eve or New Year eve.
I. Serving and Clear up the food
– Mulai men service/menghidangkan makanan Dari appertizer sampai maincourse dari sebelah kanan tamu dimulai dari ladies first.
This is your appertizer,soup, salad, maincourse, please enjoy your meals.
– Clear up the dirty food, exusme sir/madam did you enjoy your meals/did you finish, my I clear up the plate first.
J. Crumbing down
– Crumbing down is to clean up the table after main course and before dessert from bread crumb using crumber..
K. Serving dissert
– Serving the dessert from the right side and usually served with coffee or tea.
L. Billing
– Always check the bill with the guest order.
1. Puss and pull the chair for them
2. Thank you for joining us, please enjoy your holiday / the sunny / beautiful day. See you this afternoon/launch/dinner time or tomorrow morning.
3. Good by see you again next time (for the passenger who’s disem


There is a wide variety of menus, reflecting the wide variety of food service operations. Menus come in all shapes and sizes. Some are printed on parchment, others are written on a blackboard. But all menus can be
Categorized by how the menu items on them are listed and priced. There basic categories of menu are:
– Table d’hôte
– A la carte
– Combination table d’hôte/ a la carte
Table d’hôte menus are sometimes called prix fixe (pree feeks) menus; prix fixe is French for fixed price.
The definition of a table d’hôte menu is covered by the following points:
1. The menu has a fixed number of courses.
2. There is choice within each course.
3. The selling price of the menu is fixed.
4. The dishes provided will all be ready at a set time.
So, it could be determined that table d’hôte menu is menu with a fixed number of courses and set price. This type menu may be offered by it self or in conjunction with an a ’la carte menu. The set price of table d’hôte menu is charged whether or not the full menu is consumed. Below is an example of Table D,Hote Menu:

Table D hote Menu

$50 per person


Chef’s soup of the day
New season asparagus, orange and grapefruit salad

Main Course

Grilled fish of the day, sweet potato and sauce rouillie
Victorian fillet of prime beef oven roasted, sautéed spinach and onion

Caramelised pear pizza with mascarpone
Trio of food sorbet Sliced seasonal fruits with home made vanilla ice cream


Coffee orta

The term a ‘la carte may be translated as “from the card”. An a ‘la carte menu may be defined by the following points:
1. It gives a full list of all the dishes that may be prepared by the establishment.
2. There are choices within each course.
3. Each dish is priced separately and it is charged to order.
4. A certain waiting time has to be allowed for each dish as it is cooked to order.
So, a la carte menu is which has various numbers of courses and items with individual prices.
This type of menu may be offered on its own or conjunction a form of table d’hôte menu Below is an example of A la Carte Menu:
A la Carte Menu

Hickory smoked Alaskan salmo $ 3,00
Prosciuto and melon $ 3,00
Waldrof salad $ 3,50
Shrimp cocktail $ 3,50
Chicken salad Hawaiian $ 3,00
Tropical fruits, marinated with lime juice $ 3,50
Grilled satay of chicken tenderloin $ 3,50
Mixed grilled $ 4,00
Fried chicken tender $ 3,50

Minestrone $ 4,00
Shrimp bisque $ 4,00
French onion soup $ 4,00
Puree of tomato soup $ 4,00
Chicken cream soup $ 4,00

Main Course
Pan fried fillet of Tilapia $ 22,00
Rack of new Zealand lamb $ 25,00
Grilled New York sirloin steak $ 25;00
Grilled fillet of fresh Victorian Perch $ 22,00
Supreme of Hudson valley duck $ 20,50
Farfalle with roast turkey breast and green peas $ 20,50
Oven roasted garlic and olive oil fillet of mahi-mahi $ 22,00
Assorted seafood, Newberg style $ 23,00
Grilled marinated center cut pork chop $ 22,50
Many operations have menus that are a combination of the table d’hôte and a’ la carte pricing styles. Table d’hôte menus may offer a selection of individually priced dessert; many a’ la carte menus include a vegetable and potatoes or rice with the price of the entrée.
A few operations have combination menus that offer an extensive list of complete meal packages and extensive a ‘la carte section. Chinese and other ethic-food restaurants are most likely to feature this type of combination menu.Below is an example of Combination Menu:


Rp 150.000 per-pax

Chinese Egg Roll
(Soup) – Choice a la carte

New York Sirloin Steak
French fried potatoes
Sautéed of broccoli

Assorted Ice Cream

Coffee or Tea
The member and kinds of the dishes depend on the type and class of the hotel or restaurants. A super deluxe luxurious hotel or first class hotel will offer more expensive and various menus then any other hotel or restaurants.
Various a’ la carte menus are served in different restaurants in most of modern chain hotels. Each restaurant usually offers different types of dishes as well as the hotel specialty dishes.
Nowadays there are so many kinds or names given to the menu according to its purpose whether it is in a ‘la carte or table d’hôte type. Those kinds and names of the menu are:
1. Plat du jour or “special to day “ menu
2. Breakfast menu.
3. Luncheon menu.
4. Dinner menu.
5. Supper menu.
6. Room service menu.
7. Door knob menu.
8. Party/ banquet menu.

Or special to day menu indicates the “specialty of the house”. Its consists of a set meal from appetizer to dessert or main course only. It could be developed in a ‘la carte type or even in table d’hôte type. Usually this menu is found during lunch or dinner, supports the regular one. The main objective or developing this kind of menu is to sell as much as possible the specialty of the house of the day. So, this menu is changed from time to time or from day to day.

It could be a ‘la carte or table d’hôte type and used for breakfast only, mainly in restaurant or coffee shop.

This menu is also found in a ‘la carte and or table d’hôte type and used for luncheon only.

As the previous menu this kind of menu is also found whether in a’ la carte or table d’hôte type, and used for dinner only. It consists of much move heavier items and varieties than luncheon menu.

This menu is usually found in a ‘la carte type an used for supper only. Its items is just a view and consist of light meals, lighter than luncheon and dinner.

This menu is sometimes called complete menu since its consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, also even supper menu; used for room service only. It is available in room service section/office and in each guest room. The type is whether a ‘la carte or table d’hôte.

It is a room service breakfast menu which is hanged on the door knob during the night after it has been marked or used by the guest to order his breakfast before retired.
Its type is mostly table d’hôte, but also found in a ‘la carte type.
On the menu, the number and types of foods required are marked by the guest as well as serving time. By using door knob menu, the next morning his breakfast will be served as the indicated serving time without bothering to wakeup and order his breakfast in the morning.

This menu is used especially for party/banquet only. It is developed in table d’hôte type. The set price mostly is excluded. So, its could be said that party banquet menu is the only menu without price, since it is considered not nice or polite to mention the value or the amount of money consumed when honoring people.

– Breakfast : early morning – 10.00 am
– Brunch : 10.00 am – 11.00 am
– Lunch : 11.30 am – 14.30 pm
– Tea time : 15.30 pm – 16.30 pm
– Dinner : 18.30 pm – 22.00 pm
– Supper : 13.00 am – 01.00 am

Is composed from the words breakfast and lunch as indicated also by its meal time. The food or the meal for brunch usually consists of breakfast meal and light food from lunch’s meal, mainly it is prepared as buffet. So, instead of having twice meals, breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon, both meals are taken at once between breakfast and lunch-time.

service sequence at the BAR

Receiving the in the bar
A Written check list of service in receiving the guests in the bar ensures the consistency of the service offered and acts as a guideline to part time and new waiting staff. What follow is the example of such an order of service receiving thr guests in the bar, from the time the guests are coming in the bar. From the check list service below tells us what you will say to the guests.

Service sequence to the guests in the bar.
1. Welcoming the guests.
Greeting the guests with a friendly smile, polite as they arrive at the entrance of the bar. The attitude of the staff is very important. The staff must show big interest to give the best service to the guests. For example:
Good afternoon madam, good afternoon sir, Welcome to the bar. How are you this afternoon?
2. Seating the guests.
Ask the guests where they would like to sit based on their like when the tables are still not occupied. If the guests are nearly full, take the them to the available table. You should say to the guests: Well sir, madam, Where would you like to sit, please? Would you like to sit somewhere here or over there near the window?
3. Taking for the drink order.
The service staff must be ready with the drink list and others. Present
the drink list from the right side starting from the lady first and then to
the gentleman and so on in clock wise. Give the time to choose what they
are going to order. When the guests are ready to order, approach them
and ask if they are ready to order. Are you ready to order now, please?
What would you like to order for your drink, please? When you have
finished taking the order you have to proceed the order to the bar, ask
the guests to wait for their order.
4. Serving the drink.
The drink should be served from the right side of the guests. Remember the drink should be served to the lady first. For example: Excuse me, madam, orange juice, please. Excuse me, sir. Large beer, please. When the guests’ drink has almost finished, offer them to order some more drink for up selling. By saying: Yes sir, madam would you like to order some more drink, please?
5. Clearing up.
When the guests have finished their drink, and they don’t want to have some more drink, all of the empty glasses and others are removed from the table. Remove them from the right side of the guests. For example:
Excuse me, please! Have you finished, please? May I clear up the glass, please?

B. Some expressions are often use for handling the guests in the bar:
1. Are you ready to order for your drink, please?
2. Have you decided what you are going to order, please?
3. Would you like to see our beverage list/ drink list, please?
4. Would you like to have some drink, please?
5. Would you like to sit at the non-smoking section, please?
6. Where would you like to sit, please?
7. Have you made reservation, please?
8. For how many persons is the reservation , please?
Find out some more expressions often used in the bar when handling the guests for drink.


Semarapura, 26th oct 2014
To : Human Resource Manager
Re : Application

Dear sir or madam

Having heard that you are looking for qualified person to be posted into your company that you manage, I would like to apply for a position as a waiter ( F&B Service dept) .

I have been involved in tourism industry for more than 3 month following on the job training at Inna Kuta Beach Hotel, Cottages & Spa and I worked at Prada Priority Bali restaurant 13 month as a waiter and now Iam on the job training at Sheraton Bali kuta Resort at F&B service dept start from july 2014 until January 2015. you could see from my cv.
I have been usual work in a team and in organization. I can learn anything fast with inisiative and great will to succeed. I am certain it all can be useful to work well in this company, and I would appreciate if you give me the opportunity to discuss my qualification in person.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Looking forward for your confirmation
Kind regards,
Made juli mahandika


A. Personal Information

1. Name : Made juli mahandika
2. Place/Date Of birth : Kusamba, 02 July 1996
3. Sex : Male
4. Marital status : Single
5. Height : 170 CM
6. Weight : 54 Kg
7. Nationality : Indonesia
8. Religion : Hindu
9. Address : jln. Kusa Negara DS kusamba KLK.
10. Contact person : 087760044290
11. E-mail : Mademahandika@gmail.com

B. Education

1. Elementary school : SD N 4 Kusamba ( 2001 – 2007 )
2. Junior High School : SMP N 3 Dawan ( 2007 – 2010 )
3. Senior High school : SMK Pariwisata Yapparindo Klungkung ( 2010 – 2013 )
4. College : D1 Balindo Paradiso Hotel & Cruise Academy ( 2013-2014)

C. Work / Training Experience

1. On The Job Training at Inna Kuta Beach Hotel, cottage & Spa , June 2011
2. Worked at Prada Priority Bali restaurant started from june 2013 until july 2014
3. On The Job Training at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, july 2014 until January 2015

D. Qualification

1. English Oral , speaking and written
2. Able to operate computer